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There is no longer any need to have copies of your favorite music in every device you own or intend to use to listen to music. Cloud music services enable you to store your music in a single place and be able to stream from multiple devices provided you have internet access. They help organize files and save local space. Below are some of the best cloud music services:

1. Google play music

Unlike others, Google play music does not limit on storage size but rather on the number of tracks you can store. It gives an allowance of up to twenty thousand songs with a maximum size limit of 250mb. Your records are synced across all your devices. You can view your music categorically based on genre, artists, album, and the playlists you create. Recent uploads are stored in a separate folder for quick access, so you locate them quickly. However, Google play music on the mobile platform only supports android devices.

2. Amazon cloud player

Amazon cloud offers 5Gb of storage space on a free account. This provides sufficient space to store your music files. It supports both android and iOS. Music files are synced across all your devices. However, the cloud player only supports mp3 and AAC audio codecs. Therefore, you need to convert other audio formats to either of the two on your own. Music that you buy after subscription goes into your library.

3. Apple iCloud

This streaming service dedicated to iOS devices. Apple iCloud streams the music purchased through iTunes directly for free. All other music is made available at $25 every year. It scans through your library and tries to locate some iTunes versions of the tracks that have been obtained from elsewhere, reducing the hassle of uploading your entire library.

iCloud gives 5gb of free storage, and any more room comes at a cost.

4. Spotify

Spotify is one of the most popular streaming service. It does not stream from central servers but from person to person. It has a library that you can play music from. Spotify has excellent sync; it scans your library and can play your tracks from the desktop player as well as your mobile device. It is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux desktops as well as Android, iOS, and Windows mobile. The price varies from country to country. However, it does not allow for uploads, and it’s not available in some regions.

5. Grooveshark

It comes with its own library of songs instead of uploading yours to a library. Grooveshark scans through your library for tracks that it already has and adds to your personal library.

It has a web-based version for desktop and streaming on mobile is available at a monthly fee.

Generally, there are many cloud music service providers. The choice will actually depend on support for the platform (mobile or desktop) that you use, support for your media file types and storage space provided.

Duncan Smith
Duncan has lived through the Cloud revolution, which lead him to start CLOUDBASE3 - a UK based review site which tests and reviews the best cloud services on the Internet.


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