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The Best Cloud Hosting Providers to Choose from


Here’s the deal: If you’re hosting your website on a shared server, your site goes down immediately the server is interfered with. However, for cloud hosting; if a server goes down, there’ll always be other servers within the network to pick up your slack and carry on with it.

In brief, cloud hosting is designed to strike a balance between power and affordability, in addition to ensuring that your site stays up at all times.

So what exactly is Cloud hosting?

This is where your site content is stored on a series of interconnected servers, and not just one. This allows you to pull resources from different places instead of relying on a single source. That makes cloud hosting more scalable, flexible, and reliable compared to other hosting options, which makes it perfect for hosting sites that experience sharp hikes and dips in traffic.

That’s to say cloud hosting is a more suitable option if you’re looking for flexibility. It operates a lot like the pay-as-you-go mobile payment system, where you decide on your resource limits for every month and pays accordingly.

With cloud hosting, you can easily prepare for a one-off busy month. Of course, you have dozen of cloud hosting providers to choose from, and selecting the best options from what you have is a daunting task in itself, and which puts you at risk of analysis paralysis. Luckily for you, we did some little digging to come up with a list of the best cloud hosting providers in the industry for you to choose from.

The Best Cloud Hosting Providers


HostGator is a formidable player in the world of hosting, and it also secures a prime ranking as far as cloud hosting goes.

It’s the hosting you’d want to go with if you’re hosting a huge site and are looking for something you can rely on and have a peace of mind. Their unmetered storage comes in handy if you’re planning to host a vast amount of web pages and high-quality media content without overstraining your system.


Cloud hosting products often come off as complicated to those trying to work their way around them for the first time. This is particularly the case when it comes to enterprise-level technologies such as IBM, Microsoft, and Amazon, and that’s exactly where Cloudways fits in.

Setting up a web host doesn’t have to be complicated. What Cloudways does is that it offers you managed cloud hosting, where some of the industry top providers such as Google, Amazon, Kyup, Vultr, Linode and Digital Ocean are simplified enough to be understood and navigated by the non-techies.

Even better, these hosting services arrive jampacked with so many features that make it easy for you to configure your hosting account from a simplified web console.

Digital Ocean

While most of the hosting schemes you’re likely to find online pool resources from multiple devices, only a few of them have the confidence to walk you through the low-level details of their resources. Some may allow you to scale up your plan by upgrading your RAM, storage, and the CPU core. However, in most cases, the console presented to you will be a single unit, with little left to details. And that’s exactly where Digital Ocean scores it big.

Digital Ocean has droplets that allow you to customize your virtual machine, all the way to the minor details. You can even ramp up the performance of you hosting by choosing the best Skylake or Broadwell CPUs or by adding more RAM or increasing your storage space without being forces to increase everything a whole.

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